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Break the One Dog Food for Life Myth

Give your pet the nutritional balance they need with an ingredient rotation program. 

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A Pet Nutrition Plan Shipped to You.

Black Box is a kibble delivery service that follows the dog food rotation feeding methodology, which brings variety in the sources of protein, fruits, veggies, grains, and fats that your pet needs.

Subscribers are sent a series of kibbles that rotate through ingredients with our customizable high variability program. 

Vets agree, dogs are happier and have a reduced occurrence of diet related illnesses when they have variety in their diet.

Why Dog Food Rotation?

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Changing the brands, ingredients and even the ingredient suppliers for dog food has been shown to reduce common diet related illnesses.

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Meal time is an important part of every dog's day. Varying their diet is an enrichment activity that engages your pet's mind and makes them more content with life. 

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Whether your pet has allergies or ingredient sensitivities, our system gives you control of what they do and don't eat. We don't push certain brands or make our own kibble. 

Why Black Box

How Black Box Works

1. We send you a pet food starter kit and your first supply of kibble.

2. When it's time to start a new food, a new kibble with varied ingredients is sent to you automatically.

3. We guide you through the food transition to get your dog acclimated to their new food.

4. Repeat for a happy, healthy dog.

How to Get Started

1. Fill out our 2 minute questionnaire and tell us about your pet(s). 

2. We profile your pet(s) and select the best kibbles for them.

3. We give you a quote based on the average price per meal. 

4. Choose your payment plan and get started.

How it works
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Dog Food Hero

What to feed your dog shouldn't be a boring routine or a painful decision filled with worry over your pet's health. Black Box makes meal time fun and easy!


Become a dog food hero today. Subscribe and cancel any time.

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